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Wildlife Camp is dedicated to responsible tourism to support conservation and social support in our local area. Discover our projects below. 

Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife Camp works in a close relationship with the Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Society of Zambia. We donate a considerable portion of our accommodation revenue to this organization and provide support on their various projects. The WECSZ strives to promote public participation in caring for Zambia. The Society was founded in 1953 and is the oldest and most established wildlife and environmental (non-governmental) organisation in the country.

In 2013/2014 the society’s main project was to build an education centre on a beautiful piece of land overlooking a permanent lagoon – not far from Wildlife Camp itself – to be used for providing young Zambian children with hands-on animal and conservation experience. This centre will provide affordable accommodation for the society to launch any other conservation and education projects in the future.

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The society’s most famous work was Operation Noah. In 1957 the Society mobilised international resources to rescue animals that would have otherwise been drowned or stranded by the rising waters of the newly created Lake Kariba. When the rescue work of Operation Noah was completed, the assets were sold and the proceeds used to create the Wildlife Trust Limited whose purpose was one of supporting the work of the Society. Around the same time, the society’s name changed to the Wildlife Conservation Society of Northern Rhodesia and later, after independence, it was changed to the Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Society of Zambia.

The WECSZ head office is in Lusaka and there is a branch office in Chipata. Wildlife Camp proudly donates a considerable portion of your accommodation fees paid to us to the Society and in that way you are contributing to support local wildlife and education for Zambian school children in the conservation of their natural history.

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