If you have any questions about Wildlife Camp, how to get here or about the Luangwa Valley you’ll find our answers here. If you still have a question don’t hesitate to reach out.


We don’t close, no. 

However, due to some unpredictable flooding the lodge can become cut off from the main park during Jan-Feb. In which case we have no choice but to close for a short time. Don’t worry we can always make a plan if this happens when you are visiting. 

We do not serve Indian or halal food. 

Yes we have lights and a plug point at each site as well as running water in our ablutions.

Walking safaris are available during the dry season. 

We do! Just ask one off our bar staff and they will assist you. 

During the dry season, animal sightings are more common as they tend to gather around water sources, and the park’s accessibility is at its peak with better road conditions. On the other hand, the green season, known for its lush beauty, is a paradise for enthusiastic birdwatchers and offers increased opportunities to witness leopard hunts due to ample food availability. It’s important to note that both seasons have their pros and cons. Personally, I find the period just before the peak season to be most appealing. At this time, fresh rains have rejuvenated the landscape, a vibrant greenery envelops the surroundings, and around 90% of the park remains drivable.

Getting to/from Wildlife Camp

The 05 is drivable during the dry season. As soon as the rains start in November the road can quickly become un-passable. If you are planning to come via this route, get in contact with us and we can let you know if the road is passable.

We suggest people take the rout through Luambe National park. Ask our staff when you arrive and we can give you directions. 

No defiantly not! Do not attempt this it is not drivable and has no signal to call for help if anything happens.