The KAMANGU  *Volume 1 Issue 4*  August 2018

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Following are postings by Rebecca Swenson and family, who stayed with us at Wildlife Camp for 2 weeks in June of this year.

@rebecca.swenson So grateful and excited to be experiencing life in the Zambian bush with this incredible lady. #auntiekarlyn #chipembele @chipembele_film_project
@dreamocean77 Happy World Giraffe Day! My buddy Nyle of @rebecca.swenson is all smiles with this majestic Thornicroft Giraffe, endemic only to South Luangwa. Sadly giraffe populations are down 40% from 30 years ago. Our population here is relatively stable, but needs continuous protection.   #WorldGiraffeDay #SwensonsOnSafari #giraffes #africananimals #wildlife #conservation #savethegiraffes #SouthLuangwa #Zambia #Africa #safari
@rebecca.swenson Running, the universal sport. The Conservation South Luangwa fun run lived up to its name. The kids finished their first 10k with smiles and I realized fancy footwear is overrated. I got smoked…. #flipfloprunners #humbling #SwensonsOnSafari @conservationsouthluangwa
@rebecca.swenson Arlo wake up! There’s an elephant behind you and a lion. After an early morning start we had to wake them both up as the vehicle approached three lions 5 feet away, wondering if that was really a safe distance? But the lions couldn’t be bothered while hunting a Cape buffalo. They were in the zone, buffalo eventually won. Next time ladies…… Giraffes are for Josephine, they said to tell you hi! @wildlifecampzambia
@rebecca.swenson This one freaked me out just a bit. #elephant @wildlifecampzambia
@dreamocean77 We had a leopard-filled time in South Luangwa National Park with @rebecca.swenson and fam. This park is known for these gorgeous cats and said to have highest leopard density in Africa. Three different individual leopards in one day! This boy was sleeping after a hearty meal, with hyenas on the prowl nearby.   #SouthLuangwa #Zambia #Africa #bushlife #safarieveryday #leopards #leopardlover #bigcats #africananimals #catlover #catsofinstagram #everydayiscaturday #SwensonsOnSafari #friends #love

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The Luangwa sustains both people and wildlife with its fertile banks and dynamic flows.  It is one of Africa’s prime wildlife sanctuaries and is home to elephants, hippos, lions, carmine bee-eaters, leopards, giraffes and many other species.  It is also home to many villages and communities who depend on the river.

A proposed dam at Ndevu Gorge would transform the river and effect those who depend on the South Luangwa River.  The dam would create a reservoir lake reaching into South Luangwa National Park, with impacts for many kilometers upstream.  The changes to the river would displace communities near the gorge, alter livelihoods, impact wildlife, and effect the tourism economy that it supports.

WWF Zambia launched a petition to Zambia’s President, His Excellency, Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, to declare the Luangwa a Water Resource Protection Area as part of the campaign:

Read more about the project here:   and WWF’s video here: the petition and share the campaign with your friends here:

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About The “Kamangu”

Kamangu is a messenger drum that was used by the Kunda people of Mambwe District to communicate. Its loud nature made this drum perfect for communication. The elders of the Kunda people will beat the Kamangu drum, the message sending drum, to announce that the Malaila traditional ceremony will begin.