Wildlife Camp News: July 2008

Generators, oil leaks and head gaskets, yes, one can assume that Herman is out of the camp on a couple of weeks break and I have been overseeing the […]

Wildlife Camp News: June 2008

For most of May I have been out of the camp – a week at the annual Indaba in Durban (rather large marketing event), a few days shopping in […]

Wildlife Camp News: May 2008

It’s all gone to pot at the campsite….
Piecing together a jigsaw of the Valley’s past

Topping up his tan before the launch of his new film, our very own Indiana […]

Wildlife Camp News: April 2008

March has been a busy month with the Easter weekend and it was great to see so many people from Malawi in the camp. We had a wonderful, family […]

Wildlife Camp News: March 2008

As promised to you all last month I will give updates on the visa situation. Is has been a major concern to all of us. We had a productive […]

Wildlife Camp News: February 2008


On the 26 January we all got a shock as the 2008 parliamentary speech was disclosed and overnight the visa waiver system has been abolished, plus there was a […]

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Wildlife Camp News: January 2008

Welcome back to a New Year in the valley

We had a fantastic build up to Christmas when a lioness and her three sub-adult cubs managed to take down a […]

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Wildlife Camp News: December 2007

The park is exactly that – a beautiful park with green lawns and trees that have been carefully pruned by the natural gardeners. It is fascinating to watch it […]

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Wildlife Camp News: November 2007

Welcome back to the Luangwa Valley
Our peak season has passed on by and we are all appreciating the start of the rains. Personally this is my favorite time in […]

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Wildlife Camp News: October 2007

September has been another busy month for us in the camp and the hot weather has certainly arrived – if you are planning on visiting us in the next […]

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