Wildlife Camp News: July 2009

June has been a much busier month than anticipated and this first week of July saw record number of people in the campsite.

I have also had an interesting month […]

Wildlife Camp News: May 2009

I know there is a proverb about good intentions and some how like the proverb my intentions were good but I ended up doing half the letter, then camp […]

Wildlife Camp News: April 2009

I think one of my favorite seasons in the valley is the rains and the life it brings to the valley and the dramatic storms that are now at […]

Wildlife Camp News: March 2009

As some of the more observant may have noticed I have not been heading up the news letters for the last two months, now don’t be fooled and think […]

Wildlife Camp News: January/February 2009

Welcome to a belated news letter from us here in the South Luangwa valley. December and January have flown by; I can’t believe we are already well into February. […]

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Wildlife Camp News: December 2008

Well we know how far some men can go to get out of a date but this is the first time I have ever been dumped for an elephant!!

Maybe […]

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Wildlife Camp News: November 2008

Falling rates, stocks down, financial crisis… yes I sound just like the daily news. My bank manager phoned me the other day to say a cheque has been returned […]

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Wildlife Camp News: October 2008

As we enter October, what we call suicide month, the temperatures rise and the summer becomes deadly, with rain desperately needed. The Mopane woodlands resemble a tree graveyard, with […]

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Wildlife Camp News: September 2008

As August draws to an end, I’m surprised at how quickly the year is flying by. The sausage tree is flowering; the deep red large flowers are in stunning […]

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Wildlife Camp News: August 2008

July has been a busy and eventful month. The campsite has been wonderfully busy and the chalets full. We have had a wide selection of guests, mainly international visitors […]

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