Wildlife Camp News: August 2011

August here at Wildlife Camp is the month of the Spotters.
Less Salt More Herbs Month???
I recently became aware that months are used these days to promote any cause under […]

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Wildlife Camp News: July 2011

A day at Wildlife Camp:
Early birds.
It is 5:00 on a chilly July morning in the Luangwa Valley, Zambia and Wildlife Camp is waking up after a moonless night. They […]

Wildlife Camp News: June 2011

In the June issue of the Wildlife Camp newsletter we’ll explain how one staff member won himself a whole crate of his favourite beer and why the Zambian flags […]

Wildlife Camp News: May 2011

May: The month when the valley comes alive with activity as everybody gears up for the busy season that officially starts on July 1st.
Ready, Steady…
At Wildlife Camp, by the […]

Wildlife Camp News: April 2011

April allowed no time for foolish jokes here in the Luangwa valley. At Wildlife Camp we are gearing up for the coming peak-season. Some chalets in the lagoon-side got […]

Wildlife Camp News: March 2011

I was once asked by a guest whether I can speak “African”. When I replied that I can indeed speak “African” but that the “African” I speak is mainly […]

Wildlife Camp News: February 2011

February is always a month I look forward to as it is the time of the year we do changes and alterations in preparation for the upcoming season. So […]

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Wildlife Camp News: January 2011

No Resolutions
2010 came and went and now the first month of 2011 has also had its time. The new month did not provide us here at Wildlife Camp with […]

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Wildlife Camp News: December 2010

The odd thing about this job.
From the campsite bar, with a lovely sunset in front of us, I was chatting to a guest over a cold drink the other […]

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Wildlife Camp News: November 2010

Traditionally, November has always been a “dull” and “boring” month.
The Dark Month.
In Finland they call November “Marraskuu” which translates as “month of the dead.”
The Saxons referred to November as […]

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