We at Wildlife Camp wish you a very happy and prosperous 2017. 2016 was exciting and we are looking forward to offering our guests an even better experience in […]

December 2014: Clichés and carols

Christmas won’t be Christmas without the clichés and carols so you’d better watch out, this newsletter may contain quite a few of them.
‘Tis the season when business starts slowing […]

November 2014 – Difficult questions

A big part of managing a safari-camp is answering questions that guests have.
Are there snakes in all the chalets?
Some questions asked by guests have straight-forward answers: “What’s for dinner […]

October 2014 – Recycling

Have you ever wondered what happens to animal carcasses in the bush?

Blistering hot and bone dry.
October was blistering hot, bone dry and in general not a great place to […]

September 2014 – Stop and Stare.

South Luangwa National Parks plays home to lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos, hippos and giraffes but we must not forget to stop and stare at the smaller stuff too!
All animals […]

August 2014 – Some of the scenes.

August in the Luangwa Valley consists of gusting winds, red sunsets, loads of travelling Italians and great game-viewing. I was not going to write a whole newsletter about the […]

July 2014 – A short history.

A baobab and his wife.
If a stranger came up to me and asked to take one photo that captures the essence of the African bush as I know it, […]

June 2014 – What to bring.

It was a pleasant winter’s afternoon here in the Luangwa Valley and I was out on a walking safari with a lovely family of four from Scotland. On the […]

May 2014 – Campfire stories

What a month May was! So hectic, in fact, that we never had the time to write the April addition of Willdife Camp’s newsletter. But now we’re back with […]

March 2014 – The exams await.

March and April is always an exciting time in the Luangwa Valley. It marks the end of a green season in which we measured 731mm of rain here at […]