Wildlife Camp’s walking safaris operate during the dry season June through October and are a completely different way of experiencing Mother Nature. Walking quietly through the veld, you can explore close up the fascinating insect and plant world. You’ll experience that giraffe suddenly seem taller than when you last viewed them for a safari vehicle. What is meant by the ‘little five’? Which animal does that footprint belong to? Why are the monkeys taking apart that big pile of droppings?
All these and other questions our guides can answer. Since our walking safaris are conducted in small groups (maximum of six according to ZAWA regulations), there is time enough to answer all these and any other questions you might have as you enjoy the splendours of the bush.
Our guides are accompanied by an obligatory armed scout assigned by the Zambian Wildlife Authority for any walking safaris conducted in-or outside the National Park. The safety regulations of the park dictate that children under the age of 12 cannot take part in walking safaris. In addition to the National Park walking safaris, we offer walks on our private property. This area is the same as the National Park, and wild animals are as common here as in the park, since they cross the river from the park to our camp.

Tea and coffee are provided on your walking safaris. The walking safaris sets off at 06.00hrs and return around 10.00hrs. Afternoon walks or revised times can be discussed with management. Or, why not go on an overnight walk to our Bush Camp .