Bush Camp

Wildlife Camp is in the fortunate position to have our very own private peninsular of 400 hectares, prime river-side property. We use this piece of land exclusively for walking safaris and overnights to our heavenly Bush camp.
The overnight walking safari to our bush-camp offers our guests a unique bush experience.
Our bush-camp is situated on the banks of the Luangwa River under huge Natal Mahogany trees providing shade during the hot days. Wildlife is in abundance and can be spotted from the bush-camp. At night listen to the lion roar and the hippo grunt meters away from where you are sleeping and know this is a true African experience. This area is exclusively used for Wildlife Camp’s walking safaris.

You’ll experience bucket showers, three course dinners cooked over an open fire and bread baked in a ‘termite-mound-oven’. You can sit around the fire and enjoy the night sounds while the guide entertains you with African bush stories.

Back to nature

There is just one vehicle-track on this property – our access road to the camp. The rest of it is pure nature as it was a hundred years ago. Wildlife Camp’s Bush camp consists of 5 twin dome tents, two bush toilets and a bucket shower – it has no electricity, is basic in many ways, and rich in atmosphere and location. The view gives a 180-degree panoramic picture of the Luangwa River and all her inhabitants.

Our Bush camp is offered as full board option only, including all meals and activities from the day you depart, until the last breakfast and return walk from the bush.

What more can be said, it’s an experience not to be missed! As the Bush camp is so popular and to assure the privacy of the bush for our guests, booking early is essential. Bush camp only operates between the months of June through October, by which time the rains force us off our beloved piece of property until May the next year.

Day 1 itinerary at the Bush camp

An afternoon walk led by a fully qualified guide and a scout will take you out to the Bush camp, where your cook and two more staff members will already be waiting. A glorious sunset and a cold beer await and if you pick the right time in the dry season a herd of 500-or-more buffalo might just surprise you when they come down to the Luangwa for water after a hot day. As the sun disappears, a campfire appears along with the guide and the scout – who will spend the whole night with his firearm by his side to ensure your safety.

They will tell you many stories; most of them unbelievable and all of them true. After a three-course dinner prepared on the fire and late-night coffee it is time to retreat into the tents for the night. Do not fall asleep immediately – try and stay awake to soak up the sounds of Africa as you have never heard them before.

Day 2+ itinerary at the Bush camp

The next morning sunrise and birdsong wakes up the bush. After breakfast, it is time to pack up and head back to camp on foot – another three hour walk amongst the giants, and the dwarfs, of Africa. Or, if you want to stay for another night, why not? Prolonging a once-in-a-lifetime experience is always a good idea.