About Wildlife Camp

Since 1992 Wildlife Camp has built up its well-earned reputation as one of the best camps of South Luangwa National Park. Wildlife Camp has hosted visitors from all over the world drawn to this area for a safari experience of a lifetime. Wildlife Camp is a wildlife oasis where you can observe at close quarters the free roaming wildlife moving around in and around camp. The diverse habitat is home to spectacular wildlife including – Lion, leopard, wild dog, buffalo, elephant, hippos and many more species which can be found here.

Wildlife Camp is the home of managing director, Herman Miles, who established it in 1992. Herman has been working in the Southern African bush for more than thirty-five years. He knows the roads, animals and plants of the Luangwa Valley like the back of his hand. He is well known for his contribution in South Luangwa when it comes to guiding and conservation.

Wildlife Camp is managed by a well-established team of people dedicated to make your stay as comfortable as possible and with world-class guides you can rest assured that your stay and activities will have a lasting effect on you long after your return from this magical place.

South Luangwa is also known as the birthplace of the walking safari, and a walking safari will allow guests to feel the pulse of untamed Africa through their feet while exploring the Luangwa on foot with a highly trained walking guide and an armed DNPW scout.